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“The Dominican Film Showcase is an unprecedented cultural initiative in the United States because GFDD takes very seriously its commitment to promote the development of the Dominican Republic, in this case Dominican film, by becoming a voice in the United States for Dominican film productions, as well as directors, producers, actors and filmmakers in general. Thanks to this initiative, in conjunction with the Dominican Film Law, growing media visibility of Dominican film is transcending borders and reaching the pages of major newspapers in this country while representing Dominican culture with our participation in various festivals cinema.”
Geovanny Vicente, Political Analyst


“I am very happy and thankful to GFDD. They organized a beautiful presentation here in Washington, which the public really liked. The question and answer session was very interesting. Every audience is different, depending on the country. For that reason, I like to feel the energy of the audience and being here today.”
Carlos Manuel Plasencia, Filmmaker


“This GFDD invitation is incredible. You have a fabulous organization and a tremendous team that puts its heart into its work. This initiative enhances Dominican film. We have been treated like royalty here, not only by Dr. Leonel Fernández, but by the entire team. Thank you!! What a brilliant initiative.”
Celinés Toribio, Actress and Producer.


“It’s a great privilege for us to receive the distinction of being guests of honor at the prestigious Dominican Film Showcase in Washington, DC. It’s truly our honor to be part of the showcase this year with a film that represents us as a country and as indie film artists. We hope our participation brings pride and blessings to this initiative.
Fernando Báez and María Cordero de Báez